MORE Than a Team

We Are Family.

Team Smoke is not just a Professional Sports team we are a family. 8 out of 10 members have been with the team since 2002. We are a highly publicized and visible team that promotes sportsmanship, safety and involved heavily in promoting the sport and growth of paintball.

Hello ICPL, Team Smoke is the right group for the job!

The ICPL, International Classic Paintball League, aka the hottest, fastest growing, classic paintball league on the planet today, is quickly becoming the home of many classic format painball clubs. Team Smoke is no exception, nor are they fodder for the many other competative and recongnizable teams that make the ICPL one of the most nastalgic leagues around.

I suppose you could say the ICPL is something like a reunion, laced with competition, a freindly brawl at a family cookout, mixed in with some occassional smack talking, a game changing move or two, and some good old fashioned, hard core, strong-arm fingering and paint slinging. Tell me that don't sound liek a good time?!?!


Events 2019

International Classic Paintball League Open

JUNE 1-2: Chicago, Il
BadLandz Paintball Field

Iron City Classic

AUGUST 2nd-4th: Pittsburgh, Pa
Urban Assault Paintball

International Classic Paintball League Open

OCTOBER 13th-14th: Lakeland, Fla
Central Florida Paintball