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Smoke started in 2001 as a 5 man team and quickly shot up through the ranks. Joined forces with Team Centerflag and created a 10 man amateur team to compete on the national level. Turned professional in 2003 and have been in the professional division for Xball, 10man and 7 man NPPL, PSP and NXL leagues. Started playing in the 10 man Classic tournaments in 2018 and continue to play in the Open and Professional 10 man leagues. 8 out of 10 players are still from the Original 5 and 10 man squads from 2001.


  • 1st Place Spyder Challenge 2002
  • 1st Place Aruba Open 2002
  • 1st Place Challenge Cup 2002
  • 1st Place 10 man Professional Chicago Open
  • 3rd Place 10 man World Cup 2003
  • 4th Place 10 man Chicago Open 2004
  • Finals 7man Denver Open 2005
  • Eastern Division Champs in the WPL
  • 1st Place 4 separate WPL Tournaments
  • Ranked 3rd Place final standing in WPL
  • Tied with most wins with Dynasty in the WPL
  • 1st Place Professional Ultimate Madness
  • 2nd Place ICPL Lakeland Fl
  • 3rd Place ICPL Lakeland Fl